Sportful LTD shield bibshort

80,00 incl. BTW

Going all out calls for extra protection: that’s why we designed a real shield
for your side, so a mishap doesn’t lead to road rash. All applied to our highestperformance short.

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Hardcord anti-crash fabric on sides, with abrasion protection in case of a crash
• Leg endings in micromesh with raw-cut edge
• Microperforated bib straps with special printed graphic
• Reflective logos on front and back

When you crash and your bibshort rips apart, it s**ks.
We know that, and you know who else does? The
professional riders crashing in the bunch during intense
stages, sometimes at the highest speed for the final
sprint. When the lycra cannot hold it, the risk for your
safety increase even more than a regular crash. This
is why we are so proud to introduce our Hardcord
gear, featuring the record-breaking CORDURA® fabric
technology. Our Hardcord products have been tested
to resist to the fastest impacts, with a significative
lower risk of abrasions compared to the other products
available on the market. Based on certified test, Sportful
bibshorts are the only ones to resist a 45 km/h crash.
Most of the times, progress in pro-derivative items is
based on speed and aerodynamics. We’re glad that this
time, performance goes together with safety.