Pelago Hanko Commuter

1.595,00 incl. BTW

A proper personal transportation vehicle, an alternative to a car or public transport. The design aim was to make an ultimate all-round commuter. The geometry creates a solid, confident ride in any circumstance, with an unhurried quality to it. The 2020 Hanko Commuter is updated with a Brooks B17 leather saddle and a shiny Shutter PL-8 dynamo and B&M front light.

The Commuter version comes with city-friendly Commuter handlebar offering a comfortable upright riding position. The 8-speed internal hub gear system will take care of the city landscape with climbs and descends. Reliable hydraulic disc brakes provide secure stopping power in all weathers and seasons. Front and rear lights powered by a Shutter PL-8 hub dynamo automatically turn on when you start riding.

Full aluminium fenders are light, strong and protect you well from splashes.

Compared to Hanko Street and Hanko Outback, the Commuter offers a more upright riding position, internal hub gears, dynamo lights and a comfortable Brooks B17s leather saddle.

As every Pelago bicycle, Hanko is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend the cargo capability of the vehicle.

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