Oakley DRT3 Mips Matt black/ Retina Burn

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Oakley Drt3 Black / Retina Burn

Oakley Drt3 Black / Retina Burn M A cyclist who is constantly improving in the field of mountain biking. They started by narrowing down what they need and don’t need in cycling and gear. They discover new tracks, challenge boundaries and add new skills to their repertoire, while their passion for the sport continues to grow. Skull matrix 360 ° system integrated into the MIPS system for anti-roll over protection 16 vents with 2 front “grid” vents. Goggle vents in the vent with discreetly crafted handles Silicone band and textile foam padding KEY FEATURES Lightweight polycarbonate shell. EPS protective foam. 16 vents with 2 front “grille” vents. Goggle vents in the vent with discreetly crafted handles 360 ° height-adjustable workshop fit system of the OAKLEY Skull Matrix brand – integrated cut and MIPS system for anti-rollover protection 4-point adjustable visor Protection system cerebral MIPS® Silicone band and textile foam padding 3 sizes: small, medium, large ACCESSORIES Helmet pocket Spare padding kit CUT AND COVER DRT3 is made on the basis of a completely new cut, which represents the internal shape of helium. The interior has been expanded from front to back. Additional space has been added in the upper rear area. Overall, it is more adaptable. The coverage area has been lowered around the entire helmet. However, you will notice it more on the sides and in the back area. ADJUSTABLE VISOR Features 4 adjustable points, both in terms of style and functionality. GLASS SPACE It’s simple and intuitive. The legs of the glasses can be easily inserted into the front air intakes, which firmly hook the hard to find handles placed at their corners. SUITABLE SYSTEM 360 ° fit system from OAKLEY workshop with height-adjustable clamp. The rubberized wheel for fine adjustment ensures that the helmet fits well on the head. System stability is increased by an extremely wide bracket. The Fit system has been integrated into the MIPS rollover protection system, based on our “Skull Matrix” technology. VENTILATION 16 vents in the “flow path” ensure the removal of hot air from the helmet while riding and standing. 2 large front grille fans direct air to the rider’s forehead, further improving cooling. COMFORT AND FILLING The DRT3 model has an anti-sweat band on the forehead and a traditional fabric padding on the top. The silicone gel band helps to capture and drain sweat from the forehead, so it doesn’t get into the eyes. The fabric padding increases the number of contact points, further improving overall comfort. MIPS® BRAIN PROTECTION The MIPS® Brain Protection System is designed to increase protection in the transmission of rotational motion to the brain in the event of a side impact on the head.