Naqi Warming Up Competition 2 100 ML

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The ideal warm up for all active sports men and women.
With its intense but pleasant warming sensation NAQI® Warming Up Competition 2 offers protection for all outdoors activities at lower temperatures than 15°C and during rainy weather. The non-occlusive lipogel enhances the active warm up by promoting the blood circulation, warming up muscles and by reducing heat loss with a protecting film on the skin.

As soon as rain, mud or sweat comes into contact with the skin it will vaporize and extract heat from the body. NAQI Warming Up Competition 2 will put a put a protective film onto the skin and will reduce heat loss from evaporation.

Based on gentle essential oils such as resemary to promote the blood circulation and with campher for a warming effect.

  • Intense warming sensation
  • Passive warm up
  • Ideal to protect skin and muscles in colder and rainy weather conditions
  • Activates the blood flow
  • Reduces heat loss
  • May cause redness
  • Does not hamper natural skin breathing


In cold weather conditions, apply a small amount of NAQI® warming up competition 2 to legs arms and neck appr 10 minutes in advance . Gently massage onto the skin and if necessary repeat.

Only for external use

Avoid contact wit the face and mucous membranes

May cause redness to the skin

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