Naqi Body screen Prevents Chafing 100 ML

16,99 incl. BTW

Protection against chafing

NAQI® Body Screen is a non-occlusive, dermatologically tested cream to protect the skin against friction problems.  


Non-greasy, intensively nourishing and protecting, NAQI® Body Screen is based on natural ingredients.

This intensively hydration cream provides the ideal barrier to avoid direct contact between the skin and clothing, sweat etc ..

The non-occlusive layer will allow the skin to breathe naturally and the sweat to evaporate while protecting the skin from irritation, redness and blisters. This improves the natural skin balance.

NAQI® Body Screen is hypoallergenic and comfortable to use daily.

  • Prevents and soothes skin irritation from friction and blisters.
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Non-occlusive
  • Reduces saddle soreness, chafing from wetsuits/t shirts, tight clothing

NAQI® Body Screen prevents friction problems and protects sensitive , irritated or moist skin :

  • Skin-on-skin contact (between legs, breasts , in case of obesity
  • Any friction problems caused by clothing, shoes, ..
  • Any friction problems caused by artificial limbs
  • Saddle soreness (chamois cream)
  • Irrittation caused by contact with body fluids (incontinence)


To prevent problems caused by friction and to protect sensitive or moist skin, apply a

sufficient amount of NAQI® Body Screen. Repeat several times a day if necessary.

Do not use on damaged skin.