MAAP Power Air Crew Bluestone

135,00 incl. BTW

Power Air Crew

The Power Air Crew is a relaxed-fitting sweater with all the benefits of Polartec® performance fabric. Polartec® Power Air™ is a dual-surface knit material that encapsulates air for optimal warmth while reducing microfibre shedding, extending the life of the fabric with enhanced durability. More warmth, less waste.

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Polartec Fabric:
– Construction encases internal yarns, creating individual air pockets that capture body warmth
– Surrounding knit casing also serves as a supporting barrier, preventing loose microfibers from shedding out into the environment
– Power Air’s two distinct surfaces provide wider design versatility than most insulation to prevent pilling and promote easy layering with other materials
Polartec Power Air Knit constrction
Warmth retention via encapsulated air
Microfiber shedding reduction

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