Il Magistrale Leeuw Van Vlaanderen 500gr

17,50 incl. BTW

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate Mousse, Candied Caramel and Ripe Fruit
Mouth Feel:
Full body
Low and delicate
8 out of 10

Source Countries:

100% Arabica

Roast Profile:
Espresso Roast
Brew Method:
Espressomachine, semi automatic at best
Full automatic

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Taste Description
The Leeuw van Vlaanderen is our special monument roast according to the Flandrien style. The blend is a full bodied and great smelling espresso roast with a surprising taste of candied caramel and a the soft mouth feel of Belgian chocolate mousse. The aftertaste has a hint of ripe berries and is low on its acidity. You can drink this coffee all day long!

Best Brew Recipe
To get the Leeuw van Vlaanderen taste how we intended the roast, you can follow the next steps for a double shot of espresso coffee:
1. Grind 18,5 grams coffee beans
2. Brew 29 seconds
3. Weight 20 grams of coffee in your cup

Leeuw van Vlaanderen
There are not many real lions in Belgian Flanders except on the flags that come out of every home when the spring classics start. There is no stronger sign of royal perseverance than the yellow flag with the black lion and red tongue. Johan Museeuw is known for winning the most spring classics and the biggest lion of them all. His style is famous and he served in his best years as a great example for future champions like Tom Boonen. We are very honoured that Johan was one of the first believers in this coffee and a real ambassador.

The Leeuw van Vlaanderen beans are roasted at best for semi-auto espresso machines but fit also well in any full-auto machine. Not our first pick in our range for a french press but still doable, great fit for the Mokapot. Be aware of the legendary outcome after drinking this coffee as the hills of Flanders Fields are less steep, muddy or long anymore.

Awake the lion in thou!