Litelok Flexi U

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Introducing the world’s first Insurance rated, Flexible U-Lock.

Cyclists can now buy a lock in the same convenient format they know and love but with the Litelok Flexi-U they will have loads more places to which they can lock their bike… and it’s 50% lighter.


Litelok Silver Flexi-U Regular Litelok Silver Flexi-U Large
Weight 640g 1.41lb 730g 1.6lb
Diameter 19cm x 10cm 7.5in x 3.9in 27cm x 11.5cm 10.6in x 4.5in
Width 3.5cm 1.4in 3.5cm 1.4in


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Litelok Flexi-U Silver’s flexibility ensures riders have more options when securing their bike. Unlike stiff rigid locks, it is able to bend around street furniture such as sign posts, lamp posts, telegraph poles and trees.



The Litelok Flexi-U has been security tested using common bike theft tools, simulating real-life street theft attacks as well as being tested under lab conditions, using machines that can apply forces far greater than any human can.



Litelok Flexi-U Silver has turned a very tired, and traditionally heavy, product category on its head. Not only is it flexible, it also has the same vertical locking system as Litelok Silver, giving you a downward line of sight making it easier to open and close your lock.



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