Il Magistrale MOOIBOY 250gr

11,50 incl. BTW

Tasting Notes:
Creamy Chocolate, Rich Jasmine, Soft Stonefruit
Mouth Feel:
Full body
8 out of 10

Source Countries:
Guji, Oromia region, Sidamo
Suke Quto; 68 smallholder farmers

2019 – 100% Arabica
Fully washed, wet fermented, dried on raised beds
Bean Variety:

Ethiopian Heirloom


Roast Profile:
Medium Espresso Roast
Brew Method:
Espressomachine, semi automatic at best
Full automatic
Coffee quantity:
250 grams


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Look pro go…

Our Mooiboy (Pretty Boy) coffee is an ode to all the pretty boys out in the wild riding their polished bikes, matching cycling kit, shoes, helmet and sunglasses. We all have the typical Mooiboy in our cycling group who is following the latest cycling trends on every level. We take our hats off and bow deeply to these innovators on the bike as they make the cycling world prettier and point us on the unlimited possibilities. The time that you were taken serious wearing pro-team sponsored kits is light years behind us and we like to show off who we are on the bike, one person in two separate lives and cultures. We leave the performance part to the Stravaganza but feel we will go faster wearing and drinking the latest fashion.

Source Information 

Suke Quto is a producers association in the Guji zone in the Oromia region in Sidamo. The washing station and mill is established in 2005 with the vision to work with sustainable and environment-friendly coffee farming practices. The coffee trees grow in the shade of the natural forest canopy what is a sustainable way to produce coffee since it is allowed to grow naturally alongside other plants that keep the soil and wildlife diverse and healthy.

The coffee is first washed with spring water and then mechanically pulped. The mucilage is removed by wet fermentation lasting between 36-72 hours depending on weather. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds for 9-13 days.

Taste description

Our Mooiboy coffee beans are medium roasted to leave the natural acidity and citrus flavour inside. It has a nice full body with a taste of Jasmine, Peach and Chocolate.

Best Recipe
To get the Mooiboy how we intended the roast, you can follow the next steps for an espresso shot:
1. Dose 19 grams of coffee grind
2. Extraction time of 27 seconds
3. Shot weight of 44 grams