Il Magistrale El Tractor 250gr

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    Tasting Notes:
    Pure Chocolate, Carmelized Almonds, Twist of Lime
    Mouth Feel:
    Full body
    8 out of 10

    Source Countries:


    2019 – 100% Arabica

    Natural/Wet process
    Bean Variety:


    Roast Profile:
    Medium Espresso Roast
    Brew Method:
    Espressomachine, semi- and automatic
    Coffee quantity:
    250 grams


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Hors Power Blend
The El Tractor coffee is a tribute to the hard working domestiques of the peloton and particular one from the Wolfpack of Deceuninck–Quick-Step team. Our El Tractor coureur won the Belgian Crystal Swettdrop Trophy twice for his fierce work as the best domestique in front of the peloton. This coffee will give you the needed horsepowers for leading the pack in the head of the race.

Taste description
The best part of roasting coffee is to experiment with different flavors and roast profiles. The more coffees you blend the marrier the taste and the more difficult the job to get it right. We blended FOUR! great tasting medium roasted single origin coffee beans to create this El Tractor Blend. An unique blend with the taste of carmalized almonds, pure chocolate and a twist of lime. It will present you the power needed to outpedal all competitors forever!

Best Recipe
To get the El Tractor Coffee how we intended the roast, you can follow the next steps for an espresso shot:
1. Dose 19 grams of coffee grind
2. Extraction time of 32 seconds
3. Shot weight of 58 grams