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The Lala Slide is designed as the ultimate post-ride slip-on; combining casual comfort with minimalist elegance, while offering more purpose and utility than your generic flip-flop or shower slide.

Providing regenerative support during rest days, the Lala Slide features an anatomically designed footbed, with excellent cushioning and arch shaping. Its grippy, anti-slip tread makes it as adapted to the velodrome shower room as it is a shrubby woodland campsite.

The extra-thick dual straps utilise QUOC's premium signature microfibre, borrowed from the award-winning Gran Tourers. With leather-like properties, they provide support and comfort with excellent weatherproofing. The aeration footbed design cools the feet, ensuring maximum breathability on long tours.

Quoc LaLa Slide Black

45,00 €Prijs
Kleur: zwart


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