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Key Features:

  • Awareness - Freeform one-piece shield lens extends your field of vision
  • Clarity - Contrast-enhancing lens technology helps identify hazards and adapt to changes in terrain and light conditions. Discover our range of spare lenses
  • Stability - Half-framed design for stable fit and lens interchangeability
  • Protection - Shield design protects from UV, wind and road spray
  • Green lens - bright conditions - 13% lens transmittance
  • Details:

  • Built for performance in racing bike positions
  • Anti-fog and -scratch finish on lenses
  • Hydrophobic lens coating for wet conditions
  • Two-point snap lock hinges
  • Interchangeable high-grip nose pieces in two sizes
  • Frame made with 62% bio-based content
  • MEGOL™ arm and nose grippers improve stability and grip even when wet
  • Weight: 28g
  • Made in Italy
  • Materials:

  • Frame: High-strength Rilsan® G820 Rnew® high performance polymer (62% biobased)
  • Grippers: MEGOL™
  • Lens: Polycarbonate

Kopie van Rapha Reis Glasses White/ Green

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