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Built to explore, constructed for rougher roads, at home on gravel. Mickaela combine all the comfort and performance of classic cycling shorts with a shot of je ne sais quoi and a heavy dose of pionnier spirit. For wild and warmer days and routes that reach the horizon.

The undershort section uses a premium female-specific chamois, offers exceptional support and has a shorter leg length to avoid annoying tan lines in hot weather. The featherlight overshort section provides a new wave silhouette and a signature sense of freedom.

The shorts have a wider waist section designed to provide a completely stable fit, with a cargo pocket for ride essentials in the back and a Café du Cycliste gravel badge on the front.

  • fabric 01: 72% Polyester | 28% Elastane
  • fabric 02: 97% Polyester | 3% Elastane
  • combination shorts
  • pionnier spirit
  • premium female chamois
  • leg grippers
  • shorter leg length
  • cargo pocket
  • gravel badge
  • made in europe

Because the chamois is so important, we only use the very best.

All our pads are top of the range, premium pieces supplied by the Italian company CyTech, the acknowledged worldwide leader. Their Elastic Interface Technology is the result of innovation and rigorous testing - scientific research that has lead not only to advances in the understanding of posture and pressure points but also to the creation of exclusive fabrics and revolutionary foams.

Each pad is carefully chosen, features 360 degrees elasticity designed to follow the rider’s movements and combines maximum protection, full breathability and unrivalled comfort in the saddle.

Café Du Cycliste MICKAELA Women's Pionnier Cycling Shorts

170,00 € Normale prijs
100,00 €Verkoopprijs


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